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About Me

Growing up in the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, I have a strong regional accent. I undertook undergraduate study in Psychology at East Tennessee State University in my hometown of Johnson City, Tennessee. Soon after, in early 2003, I moved to Nashville to begin my MBA at Middle Tennessee State University (in Murfreesboro). At this time, I simultaneously began a career in commercial aviation. In 2009, I received an offer to begin my PhD in Marketing at The University of Stirling in Scotland. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and much too good to pass up, so I packed up my things and moved. This adventure led me to an amazing lifetime in Scotland where I now reside with my incredible wife Katie, our fluffy dog Moki and our new baby boy Eli. 


I began acting in while in High School and when I got to play a role in my favourite Arthur Miller Play, The Crucible. While still in school, I was offered a part in a local horror film Devil Souls. While this was a low-budget production shot on VHS, it was a fun and memorable experience.  At University, I had the opportunity to take part in a student play, The Lottery. My passion for drama had wained in leu of other career persuits until 2021 after having met several influentail people that told me it was never to late to begin pursuing a dream; therefore, I began training for an acting career at the Edinburgh Acting School in Autumn, 2021. 


I discovered voiceover by chance after a brief chat with one of my carpet cleaning customers. After a bit of research, it seemed like something that might be a lot of fun. I strongly feel that anything worth doing is worth doing as best as possible so, I decided that it would be important to get some excellent coaching. Since the Spring of 2022 I have been training in voiceover with Emily Jardine in London. Emily is the winner of the 2022 Best VO Coach award at the One Voice conference in London. She is well recognised in the industry and has been exceptionally supportive. 


I have a passion for music, film and various outdoor pursuits. My artistic pursuits include playing the violin, acting and voiceover.  My hobbies are far reaching and include: continued study in the academic literature, flying gliders, SCUBA diving, mechanical watch repair and walking my dog with my lovely wife and baby.

"Jonavan is the best actor and voiceover
artist on the planet!"

                                                             - His Mother

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